Monday, April 25, 2011

A gift from my sister...

So I must admit that I have the best sister in the world. She told me about a month ago that she wanted to make Baby Feil a baby quilt and that I needed to come down to Bakersfield and pick out some fabric with her. Well, that sounded like a great idea to me. After spending the day at my grandma Net's house on Saturday Katie and I went to Strawberry Patches and found some super cute fabric that will be turned into a quilt. I can't wait to see how it turns out. All of this planning stuff makes me being pregnant all the more real. Sometime you forget that at the end of this I am going to have a child...

Here is the fabric that we picked out (all but the fabrics with pink in it since we are not finding out if it will be a girl or boy)

18 Weeks

Monday, April 18, 2011

Henry came to visit..

A few weekends ago Katie and John went to see "Wicked" here in Fresno with the Wiebe family. When she called to see if we would baby sit Henry while they went to the show I couldn't think of anything else I would rather do. Not living in the same town, I miss out on all of the everyday things with my nephew... like babysitting. So Andrew and I were totally excited to spend the day with Henry. Here are a few highlights from our time. (All of the pictures are taken outside because that is all Henry wanted to do... play outside)

He was very intrigued by Olive's dog house...

...also with the helmets that were in our garage.

Yes, maybe a little biased, but I have the cutest nephew in the world!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On a very exciting and life changing note...

It has been out there for awhile but as I can see from others, this is a great place to document and keep track of the process and excitement of life...

17 Weeks

16 Weeks

My Due date is September 20th.

A New Adventure

As some of you know, our church has picked an area of downtown Fresno to love on and create community development within the neighborhood. It is silly to think that we can build trust and truly make a difference for Christ if we come in once a week and do some sort of project. For us and a number of other families at our church, we have a heart to not want "their" schools and "their" neighborhood to improve but to come together and help "our" neighborhood come alive. About 6 months ago we bought a house in the neighborhood and put our house up for sale. We rented out the house until our house sold. We didn't know how long that would be but sure enough, last week we got the news that an offer was accepted and that we are officially in escrow. We will be moving in the middle of May.

Especially for me, this is not an easy move. It's so easy for me to want all of the safety and comfort of how I grew up and living in a "nice" neighborhood. I have never had to put ALL of my trust in God like I have the past few months. And will continue to do as we move forward. Maybe that is why God calls us to follow him and put our own comforts aside, so that we truly learn how to TRUST in him and not ourselves. Pray for us as we start this journey!