Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

our summer adventure in photos

Here is a slide show of pictures from our trip to the East Coast. I was going to just pick a few to put on my blog but Andrew is such a great photographer that all of the pictures turned out great. Here you go...... enjoy!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lake Tahoe

              Andrew and Bryan were asked to be the photographers for a wedding. We then found out that the wedding was going to be in Lake Tahoe. That sounded like a great plan to me. While Andrew and Bryan worked, Kim and I got to hangout in a beautiful place. Carley came to visit for the weekend so she got to join our adventure. I had never been there before and it was definitely as beautiful as I have heard. I would love to go back again sometime to enjoy the lake and all that it entails. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Tough job but someone has to do it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm still here I promise!!!

My camera battery is still dead. I ordered a new charger, got it today, and realized that I had ordered the wrong one. At lease another week.... tear

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dodger Game

Friday night Andrew, Bryan, Kim, and I went to a Dodger game. It was an exciting game even though they lost in the 13th inning to the Braves. Here are a few of the highlights. 

- Some guy ran out onto the field and the security guards had to run out after him. 
- I accidently hit a beach ball right at a Dodger usher and everyone booed me. After that whenever a beach ball would come close to me everyone would boo me again. 
- Casey Blake hit a 3 run home run!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Half Dome 2009

How is it that we live so close to Yosemite and I have only been there twice. I hiked Half Dome yesterday for the 2nd time. We had a group of 11 and made it up and back in 9 hours. Not bad timing at all. Our adventure consisted of...
- Camping out
- Cool weather
- Trail mix, granola bars, and PB&J sandwiches
- Filtering Water (Thanks Andrew W. - Love that light filter)
- Great friends
- Amazing scenery

So all of these pictures are within the first 10 minutes of the hike and then my camera died....bummer.

Half Dome 2010 - Night hike, who's in??

Reading Program

During the school year we partner with an elementary school near our church, Easterby Elementary. We have classroom volunteers and do a Saturday sports/hangout program on Saturday mornings. For the summer we wanted to keep hanging out with these kids so we started up a summer reading program. (Keep those brains working) It consists of reading with the kids for about 35 minutes, a game, lesson, and snack. This Wednesday Tommy led a vicious game of wet sponge steal the bacon. It was definitely a hit!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Floating the River...

I love that Anna and Andrew came back to Fresno for the summer. Yesterday we went floating down the Kings River. Their friend Sean from Portland was visiting and thanks to F.C.A. camp, our new found friend "Getto" also came along. I love being a teacher and having the summers off!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We had our annual summer vacation to Carpinteria beach this last weekend. We can always count on a few things when we go.... Beautiful weather, small waves, warm sand, great antique shops, The Spot, and an incredibly relaxing time. As always this weekend did not disappoint. 

Andrew enjoyed hours of surfing.

The Cutest little guy ever. I just can't get enough of my nephew Henry. 

This is just a random but super cute house we walked by. I had to add in the picture. 

My new IKEA shelf

Can I just say how much I love IKEA!! About a week ago, my mom, Katie, Kelly and I all went down to IKEA. Kelly had never been there so we had to introduce her to a whole new world of decorating. I wasn't really in need of anything but I did come across this shelf. My kitchen needed a little bit of some added love so here it is.