Monday, June 27, 2011

San Simeon

For Christmas this past year, Bryan and Kim gave Andrew and I a camping trip as our gift. We went on that trip this past weekend to San Simeon. Christian and Lacy joined us and we had an amazing 4 days.

Having dinner in San Luis

Chrstian had to take Lacy home early for one of her masters classes. When he came back for the last day he brought our dogs. Our family of 3 (4 if your count the one on the way=)

Our pantry

Elephant Seals

Chuck and Olive, hanging out

A little beach Bocce Ball tournament

Andrew and I took 1st place, Our victory photo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The backyard

Remember this house...
Well I know I haven't blogged about it much but that will soon change. We have now lived here for 3 weeks and have been busy working on projects to make this house feel like "home."

This house sat on the market for along time, mostly due to the fact that the backyard was a monstrous disaster that would need A LOT of work. Finally the price went low enough that we decided that we would take on the challenge.

The backyard originally had a garage that the last owners turned into a sketchy living space (no windows and definitely not up to code). Then a bbq room was attached to the front that contained brick for every wall except for the ceiling. All of this made the backyard tiny and not attractive at all! To make a long story short, our friends who rented this house from us until we could move in, were given free rent for a month if they would help Andrew demolish these new additions. Boys with sledge hammers... they agreed and the tear out began...

We then had what was left turned back into a regular garage...
Once everything was put back to normal, we then noticed that the removal of the excess buildings left huge cement slabs in the yard so those had to go.
You can kind of see all the concrete in this picture.

Andrew was going to rent a jack hammer and do it himself until his dad mentioned that we should look on Craigslist for someone who has a bobcat and needs work... Let's just say that it was the best decision we could have made.

The job was done in one day with all of the concrete removed and dispossed of. The guy said that he dumped 20,000 lbs. of concrete at the dump.

So this is what our backyard looks like now and we are so excited to start over with a clean slate.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is officially here

Today is the first day that I feel like I am on summer vacation. Andrew went to work and I am home to do whatever my little heart desires. Tomorrow I am going to start going to a water aerobics class at the gym which should be interesting considering that I will probably be the youngest person there by 40 years or so. Question.... for those of you who have been pregnant before, what is your pregnant swim suit of choice?? This has puzzled me and knowing that I will be BIG, pregnant right through summer, I need to figure this out. I think the pool is going to become my new best friend!

I had to go to our bank this morning to do a change of address which just happens to be in Old Town Clovis, home to some amazing antique shops. Who can resist just at least walking though.=) With a nursery in the works and some birthday money on hand, I came out with some treasures.

I am not a huge fan of themes, or really anything super babyish so I am going to decorate this gender neutral room in a vintage style. Here are my additions as of this morning...

An old Fisher Price school house


A pull and play xylophone

Kids ironing board and iron

Globe piggy bank
It's fun to think of having a little one running around this house!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

25 weeks

Katie has Henry sneaking in her weekly pictures... I have Olive. Isn't she so cute=)

Andrew and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this past Thursday and went up to my Grandma's cabin in Shaver to celebrate. The weather could not have been better. We did a lot of resting and relaxing which was very needed. We also went on a different hike each day we were there.

2 words... Olive/Bear

So Olive was in dog heaven while we were there. She went with us on our hikes and was free to chase as many squirrels, birds, and butterflies as possible. On our first hike, she would run ahead of us but was never that far away. At one point she ran off into the trees, which was normal, but what wasn't normal was the barks that we heard a few seconds later. She never barks so there had to be something wrong. I ran back to see if I could find her. When I spotted her through the trees I also spotted something else next to her. It was something big and black and you better believe I was out of there. Luckily Olive came when I called her and we took off up the road. Andrew, being the interested man that he is, had to stay back and figure out exactly what "the big black thing" was. Yup, it was definitely a black bear that Olive was barking at. I am just glad she didn't try to play with it.

24 weeks

and my last day of school!

Who needs a bigger Reagan Elementary work shirt... I do=)

The day I turned 27...

Let's take a trip back about 3 weeks ago to May 26th...

Today is my 27th birthday!!!!!
(wearing green is must on my birthday)

I think this needs to be my new life theme because I am pretty sure there is no better day than your birthday...

I know that not everyone gets as excited for their birthday as I do but I just happen to have a husband who encourages my gittiness and excitement. I woke up to Andrew making me my favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, for breakfast. Not only were they chocolate chip pancakes but they were in the shape of a 27.... Love it!!

From there I was off to school. If you ever want to feel really special on your birthday you should just hangout with a bunch of 5th graders. I came into the room and they all started singing "Happy Birthday" to me. They also tried to be sneaky and created a card that everyone signed for me. So sweet. Andrew then brought me a Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich from Sunnyside Deli for lunch.

That evening my mom and dad came up to install a gate for our new house that my dad welded himself (pictures to come soon). They stayed and treated Bryan, Kim, Christian, Lacy, Andrew, and I to dinner. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!! They headed back to Bakersfield and the rest of us walked to Second Space Theater for a show.

Can I just say that it was another great birthday!