Monday, February 25, 2008

Melissa is going to have a baby...

Melissa is due to have a baby boy on March 18th. Layne and I thought it would be a clever idea to make a baby blanket for her. Knowing the colors of her nursery, we set out to the fabric store. We both had never made a blanket before so everything was a bit experimental. At the end we were pretty impressed with the outcome. Here it is... what do you think?

A little project on a night when I had nothing else to do.

Danson came to school

In my class we read a story about a lady who had a guide dog so that Friday Grandpa Arly came for show and tell. Oh he was a hit... as always. The kids loved seeing a guide dog in real life. Arly gave a demonstration and answered some questions. He also let the dog run around the classroom just so the kids could see that he was just an ordinary dog. It was a huge success thanks to Grandpa Arly, Grandma Jan, and of course, Danson.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


After discovering the professional development room at my school, I found an AIMS binder with science activities in it for 5th grade. Today was my first experiment... As a class we created "Glubber." Ingredients:
Glue, water, and borax

It turns into a silly puddy type substance that my kids loved. I will have to wait and see how tomorrow goes when we put our glubber through the stretch, bounce, print, and shape test. 

Still Learning...

I just figured out how to do a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. After many trial and errors on a scrap piece of fabric I managed to complete this pillow with a "B" for my friend Layne. The brown fabric on the "B" and on the back is the fabric from my brides maid dress at her wedding. I hope this will bring back great memories when she looks at it.