Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet the newest members of the family...

Lillian and Vivvian
This is Lil, Viv is hiding behind her.

Our two new chickens!!! Bryan, Kim, Andrew and I have been talking about building a chicken coop and getting chickens for awhile now and this past weekend we made it happen. Lil and Viv are going to live in Bryan and Kim's backyard. Since we live in the city, we decided to start small with a sort of trial run. The guys built a "ghetto" chicken coop out of materials that we had laying around our houses (Olive is going to have to do without a dog house for awhile). We only got 2 chickens to start out with to see if it is worth building a bigger coop and getting more chickens. We want to see how loud and messy they are first. So far we have had them for 3 days and they are great. Bryan cut their wings so they can't fly and he has let them roam around in his backyard a bit. We are going to need to get better at catching them though, getting them back in their coop has been hilarious!!!

A garden box and dog house are our starting pieces=)
A side view of the final coop

Our first egg!!!
There will be more pictures to come. It looks like we only have one chicken, but I promise there are 2!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 months

Yup... Levi is 6 months old!

- Gosh, those smiles just keep coming
- Levi is sitting up... he will fall over if you leave him for too long
- He continues to love his jumperoo/exersaucer .
- He can totally roll over but doesn't have any desire to do it. Who wants to be on their stomach???
- Naps are still short but now that I am nursing him to sleep our days are pretty much cry free
- Still lovin' the chub=)
- He took his first train trip to Bakersfield this past week
- Still is only awake about 2 hours before he needs a naps. Evenings are being stretched out some which is nice
- Goes to sleep around 7 o'clock
- Loves bath time: He has outgrown the baby bath so now he just lays on his back in the tub, super cute
- My favorite is when he gets so excited that his face, arms, neck and whole body shows it.
- He is starting to come to life. He can interact with you. You can me him smile and laugh which is so stinkin' cute
- We are loving our Levi more and more everyday!!!