Saturday, July 7, 2012

9 months

This was a huge month for Levi.

- His first tooth popped in on Mother's Day (bottom, middle)
- He really figured out the eating thing and now eats anything
- LOVES blueberries, he will put as many in his mouth as possible
- He is starting to crawl!!! he is very slow though, it is really cute to watch
- Learning how to open cupboards
- He is starting to lengthen but the rolls are still there
- He had his first fever/flu, which led to his first trip to the Urgent Care. It was so sad to watch. For 3 days he didn't open his eyes all the way, the only sounds we heard were moans, and he couldn't lift his head off of my chest. He had a fever for 4 days and then for the next 3 days he was extremely fussy and irritable. I am so glad that is over
- Still such a happy little guy. The smiles come so easily!
- LOVES dogs. His favorite thing is when Olive and Chuck play/wrestle together. He screeches and wants to follow them everywhere
- I still feed him to sleep for naps and bed time. Wakes up usually wakes up once in the middle of the night around 1:30
- He is a social little guy. I have been called out of church to come get him in the nursery once and that was the only time there were no other kids in there. He loves to be around other kids.
- Started to move all over the place in his crib.
- He had a rough start to life but he has turned into such a HAPPY little guy. We just love him to pieces!

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Toni Frantz said...

Adorable photos. The crawling stage is so cute!